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Is the Ford Mustang the perfect road trip car?
Despite being a self-confessed hot hatch girl, my dream car has always been the Ford Mustang. Because I’m a go-getter who follows her dreams, I recently took one for a week-long spin around the southern parts of the UK.
What to wear on a road trip
With the New York, London, Paris and Milan Fashion Weeks just around the corner, I wanted to look at what you should wear on a road trip.
How I plan a road trip
I've planned alot of road trips over the years from mind-blowing personal trips to PR stunts that have been documented in the national press.
Nine tips for planning a budget road trip
Planning a road trip on a budget isn't as difficult as it sounds. While I don't skimp on the good stuff when I travel, I do take any opportunity I can to save money.

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